Our Values

Christ-Centered Leadership

We value and acknowledge Christ Jesus as the Head of our church and submit ourselves and all our activities to His will and good pleasure (Ephesians 1:22, 23). Therefore, we actively seek to follow the work and guidance of God's empowering presence of the Holy Spirit in all that we do.

The Bible

We value the Bible as God’s authoritative and accurate word for salvation and service (2 Tim. 3:16). Therefore, we will strive to teach God’s Word with integrity and authority so that people can experience Christ’s love and Christians can grow towards spiritual maturity.

Genuine Worship Experience

We value a worship experience that is authentic and sincere to God (Rom. 12:1–2). Therefore, we desire to acknowledge and demonstrate God’s supremacy in our personal lives through personal and corporate worship. To achieve this, we will seek to be innovative and creative in our worship experiences that encourage genuine participation.

Missional Living

We value being a missional church where people have opportunity and encouragement to live out the missionary lifestyle and engage others with the Gospel message.  Therefore, we ask all our people to commit to and fully participate in exercising their gifts, passions and experiences towards building God’s Kingdom.

Cultural Relevance

We value ministry that effectively communicates biblical truth in ways that people understand it (1 Chron. 12:32). Therefore, we will continually evaluate our forms and methods, seeking cultural relevance and maximum ministry effectiveness for Christ.

Unchurched People

We value unchurched people because God loves people and so do we (Luke 19:10). Therefore, we will use every available Christ-honoring means to pursue, win, and disciple unchurched, lost people and we will ask all our people to actively share Christ’s gift of salvation with unchurched people.


We value supporting families inside and outside our church.  Therefore, we will use every accessible Christ-honoring resource to build and strengthen families in our communities. We will provide a family-accommodating setting that attracts parents, children and families.  We value the gift of children and teens within our church and desire to raise them up in the biblical worldview and a relationship with Jesus. We do this through providing engaging age-appropriate opportunities for children to serve others and thought-provoking small groups, missions, and scriptural instruction.