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Do you find yourself searching for meaning in life? Are you frustrated, confused, or even sad about the brokenness that exists within yourself as well those around you? Have you ever asked yourself the question: If there is a God who created you how can you know he exists? Or how about: If there is a God, why does he allow so much pain and evil to exist in this world? Do you ever wonder if there really is an afterlife? Do you ever wonder if you'll measure up to what is required to obtain a place like Heaven? We have good news: there are answers! The best news of all is that Jesus has provided a way for you not only to have your questions answered, but to be able to enter into a saving, eternal relationship with him at any moment. Your past does not matter, he does not require you to clean yourself up before coming to Him. He has made a way for you and will receive you at this moment if you are willing to abandon all hope in anything else and trust in him alone. Jesus laid down his life for you. It is not about which church or religion you are affiliated with. It's about entering into a personal, saving, relationship with Jesus! We invite you to watch these videos and reach out to us if you have any questions.

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